Kiko Milano

Social media Kiko Milano BEAUTY - SOCIAL Briefing The Italian cosmetics brand, Kiko Milano, faced the challenge of expanding its presence in the Brazilian digital market. The aim was not just to increase reach and visibility, but to establish an authentic and lasting connection with the local public. It sought not only recognition, but also to understand the [...]


Social networks Marriet BEAUTY - BRANDING Briefing Marriet was faced with the challenge of creating a naming and visual identity that captured all the brand's essential attributes: seriousness, elegance, fashion and modernity. The aim was to develop a unique and striking image, capable of cohesively conveying the company's values and attracting [...]


Social networks Herfeu BELEZA - BRANDING Briefing In order to achieve success in the fashion market, the Herfeu brand set itself the challenge of creating a unique and impactful visual identity, capable of expressing seriousness, fashion, timeliness, elegance and professionalism. The idea was to develop a brand that communicated with the A audience and had a typography [...]

Royal Magic

Social media Royal Magic BEAUTY - BRANDING Briefing Royal Magic had the objective of creating a visual identity that encompassed all the brand's attributes: cheerful, elegant, friendly, playful, up-to-date, creative, reliable and professional. The brand also needed to arouse the desire of children and communicate with their parents in order to get them to [...]


Social networks Gemini BEAUTY - BRANDING Briefing Gemini, a vegan cosmetics company, faced the challenge of developing its visual identity and positioning as a company. The aim was to create a visual identity that reflected the brand's main attributes: being human, ecological and modern. It was necessary to focus on developing a unique and impactful approach [...]