Nestlé Health Science

Social media Nestlé Health Science FOOD - BRANDING Briefing During the pandemic, Nestlé Health Science presented a pioneering challenge in Brazil: to launch the Nutrition Ambassadors Program. This innovative program offered a new opportunity for people to generate additional income without leaving home just from their mobile devices. Participants had the task [...]


Site Chocotour Garoto FOOD - TECH Briefing Garoto's goal was to create an improved experience for the Chocolates Factory's ticket sales site, Chocotour. As well as needing updating, the site was at risk of going offline due to the use of an old programming language, which required [...]


Site Coqueiro ALIMENTÍCIO - TECH Briefing The Coqueiro brand, market leader in the canned tuna sector in Brazil, faced a significant challenge when it underwent a rebranding. In this process, the need was identified for a new website that would offer users an engaging and easy-to-identify recipe experience with its products. [...]


Frescatino FOOD social media - PRODUCTION Briefing Frescatino recognized the importance of presenting its cheeses in an irresistible and attractive way to the public, and needed professional images every year. In 2023, CMLO&CO was chosen for the shooting job. The idea was for the photos to convey the quality, freshness and [...]

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