Site Chocotour Garoto



Garoto's goal was to create an improved experience for the Chocolates Factory's ticket sales website, Chocotour. In addition to needing an update, the site was at risk of going offline due to the use of an old programming language, which required a complete redesign. The new site should reflect the essence of the Garoto Chocolates that everyone loves and introduce the customer to an immersive experience even before they visit the factory.


Based on extensive research and brand history, we developed the content and new design for the Chocotour pages (Vila Velha and Caçapava), with a special focus on UX/UI. Our aim was to ensure an improved experience for users, making navigation intuitive, attractive and easy to access information. The new design reflects the brand's identity and offers a more user-friendly platform, increasing visitor engagement and improving interaction with Chocotour.


The results were excellent, as the new modern and functional website provided an improved experience for visitors, both in terms of value perception and ticket purchases. The content and visuals developed, based on research and the brand's history, reflected its essence and created a beautiful website, which won praise from the brand's directors. As the site is in final implementation, the results should be seen by the public soon.

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