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Frescatino recognized the importance of presenting its cheeses in an irresistible and attractive way to the public, requiring professional images every year. In 2023, the CMLO&CO was chosen for the shooting job. The idea was for the photos to convey the quality, freshness and unique characteristics of their cheeses. The brand needed to close a studio for three days so that the marketing team and the agency could work together on this creation.


The CMLO&CO proposed a solution for Frescatino to highlight its unique textures, colors and flavors. To do this, we selected scenarios and compositions that conveyed different moments in the consumer's day-to-day life, from choosing the product to consuming it. Using a photography team, art direction and the highest quality photography and lighting equipment, we created images that would engage the consumer, arousing desire and identification with the brand and its products.


The photos highlighted the quality and freshness of the cheeses, attracting the public in an irresistible way. The images are being used throughout 2023 on the brand's social networks and have drawn praise from the multinational's board of directors. The photos highlight the quality and the ripples of flavor that are characteristic of the brand, creating an enchanting visual experience, strengthening the emotional bond with the brand and increasing the chances of the products being chosen at points of sale.

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