Kiko Milano

Social media Kiko Milano BEAUTY - SOCIAL Briefing The Italian cosmetics brand, Kiko Milano, faced the challenge of expanding its presence in the Brazilian digital market. The aim was not just to increase reach and visibility, but to establish an authentic and lasting connection with the local public. It sought not only recognition, but also to understand the [...]

Eagle's Flight

Social media Eagle's Flight RH - SOCIAL Briefing Eagle's Flight, a multinational and the world's largest corporate training company, aimed to reach HR directors and CEOs of Brazil's largest companies and multinationals through social media and online strategies. The challenge was to show this overqualified audience the [...]

Master Cidadania

Social media Master Cidadania ADVOCACIA - SOCIAL Briefing Master Cidadania set itself the objective of reaching the largest number of people interested in carrying out the Portuguese and Italian citizenship process, through performance campaigns. The challenge was to devise effective strategies that would get the right message across to the target audience, arousing their desire to live in [...]


Social media Labyes SAÚDE - SOCIAL Briefing Labyes, one of the largest pharmaceutical laboratories for animals in Latin America, approached CMLO&CO with the aim of increasing brand awareness in Brazil, which was already recognized in countries such as Mexico and Argentina. The main challenge was to increase the base of followers and build relationships with [...]

Petrobras Health

Social networks Saúde Petrobras PERFORMANCE - SOCIAL Briefing The brand's challenge is to improve and humanize the relationship with the public through social networks, maintaining a close connection with the plan's beneficiaries. The challenge is to understand their needs, answer their questions and provide efficient support. The idea was to build a community [...]


Social networks Moderna EDUCAÇÃO - SOCIAL Briefing Moderna approached CMLO&CO with the aim of reaching a segmented audience of public school teachers and coordinators. The aim was to help them choose textbooks and literature for different stages of education, as part of the PNLD (National Textbook and Teaching Materials Program). The challenge [...]


Social networks C3 SOCIAL - RETAIL Briefing Shopping Center 3 approached CMLO&CO with the aim of increasing the mall's sales by crossing on and off, promoting the brand in a strategically geolocated way to stand out from competitors and developing seasonal campaigns for dates that are important for retail. O [...]

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