Redes sociais Saúde Petrobras



The brand's challenge is to improve and humanize the relationship with the public through social networks, maintaining a close connection with the plan's beneficiaries. The challenge is to understand their needs, answer their questions and provide efficient support. The idea was to build a solid community so that beneficiaries would trust the Petrobras Health plan, and the first step towards this was to communicate efficiently on social networks.


The CMLO&CO developed strategies and produced relevant content to solve issues of interest to users. We established a weekly frequency of posts, to generate engagement and promote dialog in all publications, while also working as Community Manager (SAC 2.0). We created a series of informative content about the plan's services, including health tips, well-being and relevant topics for all the brand's followers.


We stimulated followers and consumers, generating more than 46% of positive responses on our customer service channels. We achieved significant growth of 122% on Facebook, 482% on LinkedIn and 135% on Instagram. Today, we have more than 8,000 followers on Instagram, more than 7,000 on Facebook and 34,000 on LinkedIn, all gained organically. Strengthening the bond with users has generated record engagement. Saúde Petrobras renewed its partnership with CMLO&CO after these results, working together for three years.

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