Branding Monte Branco Wealth



The Monte Branco Wealth, an independent investment consultancy, has joined forces with CMLO&CO in search of a renewed identity in line with its values. Our collaboration began with active listening, deeply understanding the aspirations of the Monte Branco Wealth. The aim was to create a distinct identity that reflected not only its independence, but also its dedication to providing excellent financial services.


The CMLO&CO, recognized for its commitment to significant results, immersed itself in the mission of the Monte Branco Wealth. We developed an identity that expresses the firm's solidity and independence, highlighting its commitment to excellence in financial services. The creation aimed to convey a modern and reliable image, consolidating the Monte Branco Wealth as a benchmark in the sector.


The partnership between Monte Branco Wealth and CMLO&CO has resulted in a renewed and impactful identity. The consultancy now stands out as an independent brand, dedicated to providing high-quality financial services. This project not only reinforces CMLO&CO in delivering work of excellence, but also strengthens the position of Monte Branco Wealth as a leading independent investment consultant.

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